Audi R8 V10

Both Audi TT MK3 and R8 V10 are known as fast cars, but we made them faster! We fabricated Audi R8 with our custom stainless steel exhaust system, consisting of 2X DKU bullet silencers, mandrel bends, OEM valve control, all in 3” bore size! This R8 got its mapping done by the scientists of DKU Performance. We worked on it to give it more power and more throttle making it more refined. The great work done by DKU Performance has not only transformed the sound of this vehicle but also made it move faster. You can see the final result and easily compare the sound.

An exhaust system by DKU Performance and RTMG tunning can make a great difference, which you can see. Sadly, the R8 series has come to the end, but the game is not over yet!