DKU Performance collaborating with Audi model A3 S3 was a major project to work with. Since both cars are absolute masterpieces yet the client wanted the silencer and exhaust system completely out! and wanted his A3 Audi model converted into a brand new S3 exhaust system. We used a supreme diffuser and altered it with our original designed premium rear section for A3.

We worked on some additional issues, too, since the exhaust tips, in-built ones, were slightly angled sideways, so we fitted one of our premium tips to A3. Working on the errors for an hour only, our most loyal client was pleased by the end of the bomb results! The remap or tuning preferred by the client worked terrific with that downpipe that gives an 8.87-second faster front wheel performance. DKU’s very own sister company, RTM Beauty Performance, collaborated with DKU Performance to help with the tuning of A3. Check out more info!