Aluminium Fabrication

aluminium fabrication welderNot only is Aluminium Fabrication a lighter alloy to use, it is also cheaper. Its light density allows intricate details to be added to the tailpipe of the exhaust and appreciated by other enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves in calibrating the correct levels of fabrication to each weld without compromising the exhaust tailpipe longevity. Not only easy on the eyes, but also easier on the pocket, we will engineer any required part to your specification

At DKU Performance all our aluminium fabrication is carried on site by experienced fabricators, using the latest equipment. We are using the latest variable pulse frequency tig welder as well as the high gauge aluminium with an 18-16 gauge wall thickness.

We Specialise in Aluminium Fabrication for:

Aluminium Induction Pipes in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5”welding man aluminium fabrication

Like our customers, we take pride in how our engine looks under the bonnet. The Induction Pipe is the first piece of artistic machinery that the eye catches once the bonnet is lifted. We fabricate in all sizes and will always be built to suit.

Aluminium Brackets

Like Stainless Steel, the bracket will hold the exhaust system in place and remain flush right to the tip of the tailpipe, only Aluminium fabrication, will give an aesthetic edge.

Aluminium Inlet Manifolds

aluminium exhaust pipe bending

Optimising engine performance, we fabricate all our Inlet manifolds in-house. This allows complete control start to finish to monitor both engine efficiency and distribution of combustion to gain maximum power.

Aluminium Rollcages (Show Purpose Only)

As Safety Standards increase, better materials are used to protect the driver and understandably so. Steel has a bet

ter composite for greater impact, but for show purposes we will fabricate from Aluminium to show designs that can be implemented.

Aluminium Firewall

Toyota-glanza-240-bhp-Lees-exhaust tip aluminium

Not compromising on safety, fabricating Aluminium Firewalls will not compromise on weight either. Designing within safety standards, firewalls will be made to specification

Aluminium Heat Shield

Moulded within the car itself, our thermal barriers are fabricated no matter how complex the design: low in co

st and high in efficiency.

Aluminium Under Guards

The engine is the beating heart of the car, and needs protection from outside factors such as protruding rocks and stone. The Aluminium Under Guards we fabricate will be flush along with the brackets and exhaust system.

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