30th March 2015 DKU Performance

Top Gear Blog

We’ve been pretty busy here at DKU Performance, probably because summer is on the horizon…well it doesn’t look like it, maybe our customers know something we don’t? And we’ve only just caught up on our favourite bit of telly, which is Top Gear.

Now, DKU Performance knows it’s a little late in the day, but we’re going have a rant anyway. In our last blog we mentioned the new Aston Martin D10, Mercedes G-Wagon and the Land Rover Defender, which will feature in the latest James Bond Film Spectre. After watching the episode where Top Gear showcases these vehicles of prestige, to our dismay, The Aston Martin DB10 is actually a one off. Not that we’re going to buy one but come on.. a one off?!

The next rant more of one where Top Gear is just messing with our emotions. Richard Hammond is praising the Land Rover Defender in his piece whereby he’s trying to winch one up a 200ft dam (lord only knows why) but during the piece he mentions that the this Land Rover Defender will be the last one and they will not be making any more. A little gutted, we accepted that this may have been a financial motive behind Land Rover’s decision, But then he changes his mind and says that “no, they’re actually going to continue making them”!

Top Gear, stop messing with our emotions.

Rant Over.