30th March 2015 DKU Performance

Phones and Technology – Stainless Steel?

Since the announcement of the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and now, Apple’s Watch and slimmest 12” MacBook. We at DKU Performance have noticed the trend of these major players using both aluminium and stainless steel to fabricate their phones.

Being more petrol-heads as opposed to techno-geeks, we can still appreciate how our specialised skillset is being used in the wider world of technology. The style that Apple uses is unique and its desirability can be used in our fabrications.

They use custom-engineered stainless steel? So do we.

These themes are so popular, that even Steve Jobs had his Multi-million pound yacht designed on the iPhone!! That same principle, DKU already know, can be applied to our custom fabrications. Knowing that the customers’ imagination is the only limit, why not have that space-grey or brushed aluminium finish on your tailpipe or exhaust system?

Apple has also introduced Apple CarPlay, which is being introduced into car systems, which will be fully integrated with your phone to be used safely. DKU Performance looks beyond the horizon and see how we can utilise such functionality into the aesthetics of your vehicle. One needs to compliment the other.

Style sometimes dictates that your phone (and now it seems, your watch) is an inadvertent representation of who you are, why not let your car be an extension of that?

Power and style is a combination that everyone wants.