15th April 2015 DKU Performance

General Elections

Every year, DKU Performance pays close attention to how the government will be getting more money out of us motorists. The general elections are on the horizon so we would like to know how much attention whether its Labour, Lib Dems or Conservative, will be given to the roads that time (and money) forgot. This might turn into a rant so you have been warned!

Speed bumps. The bane of every motorist. As car enthusiasts, DKU understands that the look of a car sometimes involves lowering the suspension to keep it the cars center of gravity as low as possible. However, customized and high performance cars like these do not like speed bumps. An idea only the devil himself could have thought up. DKU understands that road safety paramount, but this many speed bumps on the road? Overkill now seems to be a bit over an understatement.

Potholes. DKU feels your pain. As drivers, we are now spending more money on tires and replacing suspension brackets simply because the government isn’t spending enough money to improve the roads. Don’t get us wrong, we see that they are hard at work (sometimes), but DKU has seen first hand, that a week later, the roads are worse off than before! Is filling a pothole with concrete and tarmac really that difficult?!

Fuel Prices. Yep, an age-old argument. The price of oil per barrel has fallen, but have we seen the savings? We think not. The amount of tax paid on fuel is beyond silly. Fair enough, the government did a price-freeze, but like the general public, DKU want to see the price drop, come to us. The paying customer.

Car Insurance. Fraud has paved a way for car insurance companies to charge extortionate prices. Telematics technology is a possible solution whereby the number of agreed miles between the customer and insurance company can drive the price right down, but again, constraints compromises freedom.

Removing the tax disc, possibly helps reduce the amount we pay in taxes but blaming bad weather for excessive road surface repairs isn’t justified. We really do feel sorry for the next generation that will find it more difficult to get on the road. Lets hope that whichever government comes into power, makes some wise decisions. But don’t get us started on UKIP

Rant over.

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