30th March 2015 DKU Performance

Fast and Furious 7

DKU Performance cannot wait to watch the latest and final installment of Fast And Furious. Paul Walker sadly passed away midway through production so it would be really interesting to see how they are going to pull this film off without one of the key characters of this awesome franchise.

More importantly, we cannot wait to see who will win in a fight between The Rock and Jason Statham.

Lets be honest, DKU Performance is all about cars and all things shiny that can be added to them. What we loved about the Fast And Furious films were that it brought what was essentially an underground culture of street racers where Japanese imports like Honda Civics and Acura Integra’s were ‘tricked out’ to the nines to the masses We loved how these films recognized the intricate details that are required for ‘stroking’ the engines and throwing in a couple of superchargers here and there.

Lets not forget, that this couldn’t have been possible without Gone In 60 Seconds (Remember that?!). But that was more about American Muscle Cars like the Shelby GT. Yes, they are amazing cars, but what about the rest of us? We don’t have time to turn those cars into right-hand drive (which is the correct way, we don’t care what anyone says!), we want to get down to fabricating our cars so that performance and aesthetics will be the way we want them.

Essentially, the third installment of the Fast And Furious series Tokyo Drift was supposed to be on par with the rest of the films but it just didn’t quite happen.

Knowing that there was a market for petrol-heads like us, we’re not quite philistines either! We appreciate a good storyline just like everyone else but Tokyo Drift was just embarrassing. Loved the Japanese Cars. Hated the film.

At least, they realized that the way we like to do things (especially the cars that we deal with) is that sometimes it’s not about being fast, its about being precise.