Exhaust System

Performance exhaust systems UK

How do I Make My Car Exhaust Quieter Without Losing Performance

Although some car fans are constantly trying to make their exhausts louder – chasing the ‘roar’ of powerful engines – an overly loud exhaust […]
Exhaust Manifold

What is an Exhaust Manifold?

Exhaust manifolds transport exhaust gases from the engine to the exhaust pipe and away from the car, making them an integral part of any […]
Exhaust Leak

Symptoms of Exhaust Leak – Causes + How to fix it

Unless you’re an enthusiastic gearhead, you probably don’t think about your car’s exhaust very often unless something goes wrong. An exhaust system is almost […]
Parts of Exhaust System

What Are the Parts of An Exhaust System?

Your car’s engine constantly produces explosions (from combusting fuel) that rotate the crankshaft and power your vehicle, but this process also produces lots of […]
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