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AUDI S1 2.5 Catback Exhaust Sound

DKU Performance’s AUDI S1 2.5 Mandrel Catback Exhaust converts driving into an incredible melody of power and precision. Its exhaust system is designed for […]

Volkswagen Polo 6R Catback Exhaust Sounds

The Volkswagen Polo 6R Catback Exhaust is like music for your journey; it looks incredible. Consider this: you start your car’s engine, and the […]

Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 OPF Back System Sounds

DKU Performance’s Volkswagen Golf R MK8 OPF Back System is a true beast, especially when it has to do with turning heads and tickling […]

Ford Mustang Gt Valve Control Exhaust System Sounds

The Ford Mustang GT valve control exhaust system from DKU Performance is an absolute game changer, making your ride seem like a beast on […]

Audi RSQ8 Backbox And Centre Box Delete

Prepare for an exciting ride with the Audi RSQ8 Centre Box and Backbox Delete from DKU Performance. This isn’t your typical exhaust modification; it’s […]

Mercedes GL Sound Variation

DKU Performance’s Mercedes GL Fake Sound upgrade transforms the vehicle’s driving experience by smoothly combining cutting-edge technology with Mercedes-Benz’s legendary elegance. Created to cater […]

Vauxhall Astra J 1.6 Catback Exhaust System With Dual Tips

DKU Performance’s Catback Exhaust System with Dual Tips is a remarkable enhancement for the Vauxhall Astra J 1.6. With this change, the exhaust system […]

Range Rover SVR Mid Box Delete

DKU Performance offers a specialised alteration called the Range Rover SVR Mid Box Delete, which is intended to improve the vehicle’s performance and audio […]

Audi A3 8V TDI S3 Conversion

DKU Performance’s Audi A3 8V TDI S3 Conversion is a complete makeover which combines the high-performance spirit of the S3 model with the innate […]

Volkswagen Polo 1.8 GTI 2.5” Sport Cat Downpipe

The DKU Performance VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.8 GTI 2.5″ SPORT CAT DOWNPIPE is a carefully designed upgrade intended to maximise the Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.8’s […]

BMW 220i 240i Conversion Exhaust

DKU Performance’s conversion of the BMW 220i to 240i is a thorough alteration which completely changes the vehicle’s capabilities and performance. The process of […]

Ford Focus Ecoboost Dual Catback Exhaust System

Optimising the vehicle’s exhaust performance is the goal of DKU Performance’s revolutionary Ford Focus EcoBoost Dual Catback Exhaust System. The change entails swapping out […]

Audi RSQ3 Stage 2 Downpipe

DKU Performance offers the Audi RSQ3 Stage 2 Downpipe, which is a sophisticated upgrade designed to maximise the car’s exhaust system. To improve performance, […]

BMW 218i 240 Conversion

The DKU Performance BMW 218i to 240 Conversion is a complete upgrade that brings the base characteristics of the BMW 218i model up to […]

BMW 118i F40 Backbox Delete

DKU Performance provides a game-changing mod called the BMW 118i F40 Backbox Delete, which is intended to improve the car’s acoustics and efficiency. The […]


The performance and engineering prowess of the BMW M340i G20 EXHAUST SYSTEM by DKU Performance are well known today, and it has an inventive […]