seat IBIZA-FR 1.2

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

IBIZA FR 1.2, is a smart car differing from its previous 2008 version by having a more face-lift. Its features are amazing. With 108 BPH and 175 Nm Torque, it is far better than its 1.2-litre turbo box. On 122 MPH it can quite easily get you through. There is certifiably not an immense sum to be said with regards to the plan of the SEAT Ibiza. This FR trim gets a changed arrangement of front and back guards, twin exhaust lines and electric collapsing mirrors. In any case, it actually looks like a piece spending plan with those typical, older style bulb headlights… Bi-xenon jobbies will cost you an additional £425. Fortunately, the inside of Ibiza has been refreshed since its presentation.

The NON RES CAT-BACK EXHAUST that we have upgraded for SEAT IBIZA FR 1.2 has been appreciated a lot. The DKU Performance never fails to bring smiles to their precious clientele. The car has been doing pretty well and we are receiving more registrations for inducing these advanced exhaust types.

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