BMW 420D

BMW 420D is a good looking and well-performing car. However, the sound and notes of this vehicle were not as per the liking of our client. He wanted to go for an upgrade that can enhance the sound of the vehicle along with its looks. So, we did an amazing job on this vehicle by designing our premium quality quad exhaust system. DKU Performance is known for designing and building a full range of high-quality exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. So, we designed and built a performance exhaust system for this vehicle. We finished our custom work by installing chromium quad tips on the back of the vehicle. These tips not only enhance the look of the vehicle but also provide it with an awesome sound note. The vehicle is now making some very cool sounds while on high revs, which is what our client wanted. At DKU Performance, our professional engineers are dedicated to providing our valued customers with high-quality exhaust systems for all types of vehicles.