Audi AUDI A3 35 TFSI is the most beloved car to be worked upon.  The majority of Audi A3 purchasers opt for diesel power. However, they are no longer required to do so. The A3 35 TFSI is powered by a modern turbocharged 1.5 TFSI petrol engine with a ‘COD’ cylinder cut-off mechanism, which means it only uses two cylinders while cruising. The result is a WLTP-rated combined cycle economy of up to 42.2mpg, while the A3 can nip to 62mph in 8.1 seconds. This engine is a 150 horsepower variant of Audi’s 1.5-litre TFSI engine, but it has a creative camshaft design. This might happen anywhere between 1400 and 4000 rpm. It reverts to firing on four if you give it a good prod with the throttle or brake. There are two automatic transmission options: manual and S Tronic. Because you’re normally tickling along, it’s devilishly difficult to tell when it’s active. You can get a nod from the central display screen or hear a minor shift in engine tone if you have a good ear.