17th February 2015 DKU Performance

James Bond Cars

Knowing that a James Bond film is on the horizon, DKU Performance along with the multitude of other James Bond fans always want to know three things:


  1. Who’s the new Bond?
  2. Who’s the new Bond girl?
  3. What’s the new Bond car?

We all wonder what car they will be using in the new films.

Suffice to say, the Aston Martin DB10 is sexy. Throw in any James Bond girl you want but the curves on this car will make Kim Kardashian look like a 10 year-old boy.

At first glance, it looks like its been fabricated from aluminium, even the finish on the car makes it look, if not feel like a souped up iPhone. Performance wise, its innards, is pretty much a beast. Not sure if its aluminium cage can keep it tame. Fabricated or otherwise..

DKU Performance’s interest in James Bond cars has been increasing over the years as our requests to modify customers cars to look like James Bond cars seems to be popular!.

DKU Performance are always excited about the cars and the treasure chest of toys these cars possess. We look at of the modifications that Q makes to Bond’s cars and think of how we can apply them to the real-time physics of a car. We really like the idea of secret compartments created flush with the rest of the cars interior.

But wait… We haven’t even discussed the villains. It turns out that this time round, James Bonds nemesis’ will not be sat in high-back reclining chairs stroking their domesticated feline friends wondering how to battle baldness. They will be driving the new Jaguar C-X75. Petrol-heads rejoice.

Again, what a car. The attention to detail is astounding right down to the exhaust tailpipe. What is normally a good story is now becoming an episode of Top Gear with a six-pack. We know its product-placement, but its product placement that is pleasing the eye.

DKU Performance team have been raving about the Mercedes G-Wagon. But since having looked at the mighty monster that is the Land Rover Defender, we can safely say that we have a new favorite. We would have a field day modding this car up, from bumper to tailpipe. We could fabricate an aluminium chassis to potentially carry Exocet missile should the need allow.

Being so busy we haven’t gotten round to making our cars invisible yet.. but where would be the fun in that?!

Lets be honest, Q aint got nothin’ on DKU!!

The Blog has been buzzed.

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