All Mad Max Cars are Drivable!

So the last car related film that DKU looked at was Fast & Furious. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed the fact that half the stunts or car modifications were physically impossible to achieve in the real world unless there was some CGI trickery involved!

Mad Max is based on a Mel Gibson franchise from yesteryear and brought forward for a new generation to gawk at. Back then CGI was just a pixel here or there, so most car modifications that needed to be done were for real. That same principle was used in this film.

Practical effects are pretty scarce in summer blockbusters, DKU isn’t complaining, simply observing… especially when its to do with cars.

Australian scrapyards were scoured for vehicle donors, and a s a result, 88 of the meanest looking nightmare on wheels were created as a result. Whether it’s the Mopar-on-tank-treads “Peacemaker” or 600+ cubic inch, dual V8 beast with two ’59 Cadillac Coupe De Ville bodies mounted on top of its chassis lovingly dubbed “Interceptor”.

The production team built around 150 modified cars and then went on to beat 50 Shades Of S@!t out of them. How they did that, you will just have to watch the movie.

5 Ways NOT to Modify A Car

DKU Blog – 5 Ways NOT to Modify A Car

People tend to modify their car for different reasons. There are those that simply feel the need to take the design of a vehicle and take it a step further. Some do it for speed, some do it for handling and there are those that just prefer the style.

DKU caters to all, and have had allsorts of requests. After all, your car is an extension of who you are. A physical manifestation of your personality. A window into your soul. And that’s where it can get a bit messy. If, like you soul or personality, isn’t thought out properly, then you need to have their car clamped. Permanently.

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General Elections

Every year, DKU Performance pays close attention to how the government will be getting more money out of us motorists. The general elections are on the horizon so we would like to know how much attention whether its Labour, Lib Dems or Conservative, will be given to the roads that time (and money) forgot. This might turn into a rant so you have been warned!

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Daytona 500

“What is Daytona 500?!” DKU hears you ask…

For the uninitiated, this is a race (also know as NASCAR – National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing), which the Yanks hold in high regard. An odd and quite a random namesake, geographically Daytona, Florida, is where the race is held and in terms of the length of the race, that is 500 miles. (the name makes sense now doesn’t it?)

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Phones and Technology – Stainless Steel?

Since the announcement of the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and now, Apple’s Watch and slimmest 12” MacBook. We at DKU Performance have noticed the trend of these major players using both aluminium and stainless steel to fabricate their phones.

Being more petrol-heads as opposed to techno-geeks, we can still appreciate how our specialised skillset is being used in the wider world of technology. The style that Apple uses is unique and its desirability can be used in our fabrications.

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Fast and Furious 7

DKU Performance cannot wait to watch the latest and final installment of Fast And Furious. Paul Walker sadly passed away midway through production so it would be really interesting to see how they are going to pull this film off without one of the key characters of this awesome franchise.

More importantly, we cannot wait to see who will win in a fight between The Rock and Jason Statham.

Lets be honest, DKU Performance is all about cars and all things shiny that can be added to them. What we loved about the Fast And Furious films were that it brought what was essentially an underground culture of street racers where Japanese imports like Honda Civics and Acura Integra’s were ‘tricked out’ to the nines to the masses We loved how these films recognized the intricate details that are required for ‘stroking’ the engines and throwing in a couple of superchargers here and there.

Lets not forget, that this couldn’t have been possible without Gone In 60 Seconds (Remember that?!). But that was more about American Muscle Cars like the Shelby GT. Yes, they are amazing cars, but what about the rest of us? We don’t have time to turn those cars into right-hand drive (which is the correct way, we don’t care what anyone says!), we want to get down to fabricating our cars so that performance and aesthetics will be the way we want them.

Essentially, the third installment of the Fast And Furious series Tokyo Drift was supposed to be on par with the rest of the films but it just didn’t quite happen.

Knowing that there was a market for petrol-heads like us, we’re not quite philistines either! We appreciate a good storyline just like everyone else but Tokyo Drift was just embarrassing. Loved the Japanese Cars. Hated the film.

At least, they realized that the way we like to do things (especially the cars that we deal with) is that sometimes it’s not about being fast, its about being precise.


Top Gear Blog

We’ve been pretty busy here at DKU Performance, probably because summer is on the horizon…well it doesn’t look like it, maybe our customers know something we don’t? And we’ve only just caught up on our favourite bit of telly, which is Top Gear.

Now, DKU Performance knows it’s a little late in the day, but we’re going have a rant anyway. In our last blog we mentioned the new Aston Martin D10, Mercedes G-Wagon and the Land Rover Defender, which will feature in the latest James Bond Film Spectre. After watching the episode where Top Gear showcases these vehicles of prestige, to our dismay, The Aston Martin DB10 is actually a one off. Not that we’re going to buy one but come on.. a one off?!

The next rant more of one where Top Gear is just messing with our emotions. Richard Hammond is praising the Land Rover Defender in his piece whereby he’s trying to winch one up a 200ft dam (lord only knows why) but during the piece he mentions that the this Land Rover Defender will be the last one and they will not be making any more. A little gutted, we accepted that this may have been a financial motive behind Land Rover’s decision, But then he changes his mind and says that “no, they’re actually going to continue making them”!

Top Gear, stop messing with our emotions.

Rant Over.


James Bond Cars

Knowing that a James Bond film is on the horizon, DKU Performance along with the multitude of other James Bond fans always want to know three things:


  1. Who’s the new Bond?
  2. Who’s the new Bond girl?
  3. What’s the new Bond car?

We all wonder what car they will be using in the new films.

Suffice to say, the Aston Martin DB10 is sexy. Throw in any James Bond girl you want but the curves on this car will make Kim Kardashian look like a 10 year-old boy.

At first glance, it looks like its been fabricated from aluminium, even the finish on the car makes it look, if not feel like a souped up iPhone. Performance wise, its innards, is pretty much a beast. Not sure if its aluminium cage can keep it tame. Fabricated or otherwise..

DKU Performance’s interest in James Bond cars has been increasing over the years as our requests to modify customers cars to look like James Bond cars seems to be popular!.

DKU Performance are always excited about the cars and the treasure chest of toys these cars possess. We look at of the modifications that Q makes to Bond’s cars and think of how we can apply them to the real-time physics of a car. We really like the idea of secret compartments created flush with the rest of the cars interior.

But wait… We haven’t even discussed the villains. It turns out that this time round, James Bonds nemesis’ will not be sat in high-back reclining chairs stroking their domesticated feline friends wondering how to battle baldness. They will be driving the new Jaguar C-X75. Petrol-heads rejoice.

Again, what a car. The attention to detail is astounding right down to the exhaust tailpipe. What is normally a good story is now becoming an episode of Top Gear with a six-pack. We know its product-placement, but its product placement that is pleasing the eye.

DKU Performance team have been raving about the Mercedes G-Wagon. But since having looked at the mighty monster that is the Land Rover Defender, we can safely say that we have a new favorite. We would have a field day modding this car up, from bumper to tailpipe. We could fabricate an aluminium chassis to potentially carry Exocet missile should the need allow.

Being so busy we haven’t gotten round to making our cars invisible yet.. but where would be the fun in that?!

Lets be honest, Q aint got nothin’ on DKU!!

The Blog has been buzzed.

January Car of the Month

We have taken a stock looking bmw z3 3.0i and transformed into a retro look this has had full paint job and interior re trimmed and a full custom exhaust made our customer tony from westside cars,He owns one of the leading sport car dealerships in the midlands he wanted something different designed complete new look so he came up with thes design and we put it into practise and here is the end result.