21st May 2015 DKU Performance

All Mad Max Cars are Drivable!

So the last car related film that DKU looked at was Fast & Furious. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed the fact that half the stunts or car modifications were physically impossible to achieve in the real world unless there was some CGI trickery involved!

Mad Max is based on a Mel Gibson franchise from yesteryear and brought forward for a new generation to gawk at. Back then CGI was just a pixel here or there, so most car modifications that needed to be done were for real. That same principle was used in this film.

Practical effects are pretty scarce in summer blockbusters, DKU isn’t complaining, simply observing… especially when its to do with cars.

Australian scrapyards were scoured for vehicle donors, and a s a result, 88 of the meanest looking nightmare on wheels were created as a result. Whether it’s the Mopar-on-tank-treads “Peacemaker” or 600+ cubic inch, dual V8 beast with two ’59 Cadillac Coupe De Ville bodies mounted on top of its chassis lovingly dubbed “Interceptor”.

The production team built around 150 modified cars and then went on to beat 50 Shades Of S@!t out of them. How they did that, you will just have to watch the movie.

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