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5 Ways NOT to Modify A Car

DKU Blog – 5 Ways NOT to Modify A Car

People tend to modify their car for different reasons. There are those that simply feel the need to take the design of a vehicle and take it a step further. Some do it for speed, some do it for handling and there are those that just prefer the style.

DKU caters to all, and have had allsorts of requests. After all, your car is an extension of who you are. A physical manifestation of your personality. A window into your soul. And that’s where it can get a bit messy. If, like you soul or personality, isn’t thought out properly, then you need to have their car clamped. Permanently.

Here are DKU’s 5 ways NOT to modify a car:

5 – Fake Chrome

DKU likes chrome. When its done right. As benders of all things metal, the quality of what we use has to be second to none. Its when people slap on plastic chromey bits all over their car like its some clever trick where we become a little annoyed at not only the ‘tackiness’ levels, but the fact that its so obvious.. Use proper chrome, or go home.

4 – Blow-Off/Dump Valves

So you went to see a film where some of the cars were fast, and some were down right furious. And you thought it would be a nice idea to install a Blow-Off Valve into your Toyota Corolla.

It sounds amazing now doesn’t it? You feel like Vin Diesel now dontcha’? Give it a couple of days later when your going home from work and stuck in rush hour traffic, the constant gear changes prompts the once enigmatic hissing sound of the gear change is starting to become annoying. 5000 hisses later… hindsight hey?

3 – Wings

The physics behind why wings are needed affect the way a car performs. It creates down-force so you don’t lose control of the back end of the car. To some extent, it’s also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You’ll notice that on a Porsche 911, a small wing comes up from the body of a car when going at speeds of 60mph on bends. This creates enough down-force to reach higher speeds on those bends. High-performance cars? Yes. Nissan Micra? No.

2 – DIY Suspension Lowering

Lowering suspension gives the car not only a lower center of gravity for better handling, but will also give your car a sportier look. When done right, the car will experience less body roll around the bends

The problem that DKU has found is that modders tend to look for the most aggressive springs on the market and just slap them on themselves thinking they’ve saved some money. At this point you had better grab the wheel with both hands.

You’ve now created ‘Bump Steer’ which essentially means that wherever the bump in the road or pothole is and your car goes over it, the wheels will go in the direction of that bump/pothole, essentially not allowing you to have full control of the vehicle.

Steer clear, indeed.

1 – Cheap Exhaust Systems

DKU being specialists in the field, we can get a bit precious about this. An aftermarket exhaust system is always one of the first things a car enthusiast might look to do. Not only will this free up some horsepower, but maybe some torque as well.

Depending on the vehicle, sometimes if its not done right, you will sound like a Farmer Giles ready to plough his field on his tractor. The sound of a tractor is what you DON’T want. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Golf GTi or a McClaren P1. Spend a bit more time and money on a decent muffler and everyone will thank you for it!

So there you have it. Leave the modding to the experts, get the best advice from DKU, and let DKU give your car the professional attention it deserves.

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